The 10th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention

Organiser:Philippine Chamber of Commerce
date:November 19-22, 2009
location:Manila, Philippines
Conference theme:“Strengthening Chinese Business Connections and Promoting World Prosperity”
Participants:More than 3,000 Chinese businessmen from more than 22 countries around the world gathered together


Opening Ceremony Speaker
Arroyo (President of the Philippines)
Jia Qinglin (President of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference)
Huang Mengfu (President of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce)
Chen Yongcai (President of the General Assembly)
Cai Guanshen (President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong)
Huang Yitan (Director of the Federation of Filipino Business Association)
Cai Congmiao (Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 10th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Conference)
International Banking and Financial Industry Innovation: A 
Global Crisis Response
Zhao Xiaoyu (Deputy President, Asian Development Bank)
Chen Youqing (Chairman of Asia Financial Group (Holdings) Co., Ltd.) Kamachu (Vice President,
Credit Suisse Asia Pacific)
Government and Folk Complementary Cooperation 
Promote the Development of Chinese Business Enterprises
Yang Rongwen (Singapore Foreign Minister) 
Zhang Shanwen (Director of the Institute of Yi Studies, Fujian Normal University)
Prospects for Global Chinese Manufacturing and Service IndustryChen Feng (Chairman of the Board of Directors of HNA Group)
Philippine Enterprise’s Outlook on National ProsperityChen Juezhong (President and CEO of Happy Bee Diet Group)
Other speakers
Gan Maoqiao (Reuters Managing Director and Vice President, Asia Pacific)
Igna (Philippine House of Representatives)
Du Zhigang (Chief Economist, State Grid Corporation of China)
Favilla (Philippine Minister of Industry and Commerce)
Stieth (Vice President of SM Holding Group)
Xu Rongmao (President of the Board of Directors of Shimao Group)
渥里拜 (Philippine Retired Director)
Huang Yusheng (Asian United Commercial Bank)
Cai Mingfa (President of Genting Hong Kong Limited)
Cai Jidun (Director of the Information and Communications Technology Agency of the Philippines)
Zheng Kangquan (Capital Bank Group)
Wei Jiafu (President, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Corporation)