The 8th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention

Organiser:Korea Chinese Chamber of Commerce
date:October 9-12, 2005
location:Seoul, Korea
Conference theme:“Grow with Chinese businessmen, ‧ prosper with the world”
Participants:More than 3,000 Chinese businessmen from more than 30 countries from around the world gathered together


Cheng Kuangchuan 
(Director, Medarex, USA)
“The development of bioengineering technology and bioengineering industry”
Yu Zai Lin 
(General Manager, PKU Weiming Biotech Group, China)
“Genetic Drug Development and Industry Trends”
Wen Xinrong 
(Professor, Seoul National University School of Medicine)
“Sprout Stem Cell Research: Now and the Future”
Wang Dongsheng 
(Chairman and CEO of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.)
“Hua-Korean cooperation, create a better future – BOE TFT-LCD business, case of cooperation between China and South Korea”
Li Chexiang 
(Chairman of VK Corporation)
“The development strategy of Korea’s mobile communication industry and cooperation plan with Chinese businessmen”
Selina Chow 
(President, Hong Kong Tourism Board)
” Culture and Tradition: Hong Kong’s Travel Treasure 
Liu Chuanzhi 
(President of Legend Holdings Limited)
“Taking Lenovo as an Example to Discuss the Internationalization of Chinese Enterprises”
禹 planting 
(President of Korea Game Industry Development Institute)
“The Future of the Game Industry and International Strategic Cooperation Program”
Hu Dingwu 
(Chairman of Xinghua Venture Capital Co., Ltd.)
” Risk Fund Investment Investment Office – Asia 
Yuan Guodong 
(President of the Korean Chinese Chamber of Commerce)
Opening speech
Cao Zhuan 
(Professor, Tsinghua University)
“China’s Bioengineering Challenges and Opportunities”
Huang Mengfu 
(National CPPCC Vice Chairman)
Opening speech
Huang Changgui 
(General Manager, Samsung Electronics Semiconductor)
“Semiconductor brings influence to the ubiquitous computing era”
Yang Dezhun 
(Reigncom Limited representative)
“Strategies and Issues for Venture Enterprises in Asia”
Zhao Wangui 
(President of Korea Bio-Industry Association)
“The status and prospects of Korean bio-industry”
Liu Yuhuan 
(Chairman of the US-China WI Harper Group)
“Investigation on the attractiveness of investment in Asia”
Liu Changle 
(President and Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Satellite TV)
“The new role of Chinese media in globalization”
Ou Weiwen 
(Managing Partner of Mai Lianqian Fund)
“Investment determinants of venture capital when investing in ventures”
Cai Tianbao 
(Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Dinner message
Cai Tianbao 
(Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Closing ceremony speech
Roh Moo-hyun 
(President of South Korea)
Opening speech
Huo Zhenyu 
(Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Dinner message
Huo Zhenyu 
(Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Greetings from the handover ceremony of the Chinese Business Conference Secretariat
(Yedang Entertainment Company 
representative / chairman)
“Korean Flow Linkage Asian Culture”