The 7th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention

Organiser:Malaysian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
date:July 27-30, 2003
location:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Conference theme:“Universal Chinese Business One Heart and One Morality ‧ Global Enterprise Coexistence and Common Prosperity”
Participants:More than 3,000 Chinese businessmen from more than 30 countries from around the world gathered together


Wang Yiwu 
(Director of the East Asian Institute of the National University of Singapore and 
former President of the University of Hong Kong)
“Does Confucian ethics still have status?”
Li Yizhang ( Daodu, 
elected president of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations)
“The opportunities offered by Chinese engineering and technology industries to Chinese businessmen in the knowledge economy”
Lin Xiyan 
(Director and 
Chief Executive Officer of LIN Associates, Tan Sri Datuk)
“Take a new reality in the turbulent period: the lesson of Chinese businessmen”
Lin Yuande 
(President of the Preparatory Committee of the 7th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Conference and 
Tan Sri, President of the Malaysian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Opening speech
Haramoto Yuki 
(Director, Asian Discipline, Department of Foreign Languages, Nanshan University, Nagoya, Japan)
“The Role and Contribution of Chinese-American Enterprises in the World Economy”
(Malaysia Prime Minister Datuk Seri)
Opening speech
Gao Wei 
(President and Chief Executive Officer of ITX Services Ltd and 
Former Vice President and Honorary Professor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
“The entrepreneurial spirit of overseas Chinese”
Xu Zigen 
(Director of Penang, Malaysia) Tan Sri
“Long Teng Hu Yue: Achieving global multilateral win-win synergy for the information and communication technology, electronics and electrical industries”
Guo Lingyu 
(President of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce)
Closing speech
Guo Weizhen 
(Dalian Seri, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia)
“Knowledge Economy: The Future Direction of Chinese Businessmen”
Chen Guangcai 
(Malaysia Department of Transportation Datuk)
“Globalization: The Beginning of a New World Economic Order”
Chen Jinshi 
(SpringHill Management Ltd.)
“The opportunity of biotechnology”
Huang Mengfu 
(National CPPCC Vice Chairman)
“Chinese businessmen are an important force in promoting the development of the world economy”
Huang Yihong 
(Vice President of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce)
“China’s economic growth provides opportunities for Chinese businessmen in the world”
Yang Fujia 
(President of Nottingham University, UK and 
former President of Fudan University, Shanghai, China)
“The engine of the 21st century economy”
Zhong Tingsen 
(Director of the Malaysian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tan Sri)
“Opening speech”
Liu Changle 
(President and Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV Co., Ltd.)
“Globalization – the beginning of a new world economic transformation”
Yan Qingwen 
(Tan Sri, Honorary Advisor of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia)
“How do ASEAN Chinese create more wealth for the world in the 21st century?”