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Google reviews China search engine, buys time

Google has been blocked in China for years now. Last year, news surfaced of Google working on Project Dragonfly, a censored version of Google for China. Dragonfly was intended to give Google a way back to the country, give it access to a huge user base, and give Chinese internet users access to more information. Since the report on Project Dragonfly, Google has received multiple bad press from the US.

US Government Forces Google to Review DragonFly

Yesterday, Google deny reports that it is still working on Project Dragonfly. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said last year that Google had “no plans” to launch the “right now” censored search engine. The carefully chosen words seems to indicate that it is forced upon Google to review its ambition for China. The US government and Google employees seems to be the culprit behind Google’s decision to review its relationship with China. Google employees went as far as protesting, Evidently, pressuring Google to review Dragonfly is more important than working on improving its algorithm or going after businesses who buy Google reviews (or even getting them free Google reviews!). Even Vice President Mike Pence also stepped in to tell Google to stop working on the project and teased that the search giant should focus on dealing with fake Google reviews instead before the FTC steps in.

Google Review on DragonFly Insufficient

However, Google employees are not convinced. In December, employees spotted about 500 changes to code related to Dragonfly. A month later, yet another 400 changes were made to the code, indicating to the employees that the entire project was still going on. They also scrutinized the company’s budgeting plans and found evidence that under the spending budget associated with Project Dragonfly about 100 workers were still being grouped.

Anna Bacciarelli, a technology review at Amnesty International, said, “[Google is] not only failing on its human rights responsibilities but ignoring the hundreds of Google employees, more than 70 human rights organizations, and hundreds of thousands of campaign supporters around the world who have all called on the company to respect human rights and drop Dragonfly.”

All in all, many are still left wondering if the Google review intention is indeed to cancel the DragonFly project and its China ambition or merely buying time to relaunch in China.

China’s Tencent puts $150M Investment into Reddit [upvote]

Reddit is a community where people share content on the web with news, articles, media and many other things. Members can upvote and downvote the posts that they like and as of 2018 has more than 500 million monthly visitors. Reddit confirmed the investment deal, saying it raised $300 million in a funding round led by Tencent and joined by several existing investors. The deal gave Reddit a $3 billion market value post money.

User Backlash Tops Reddit Upvotes

Redditors voiced fears about censorship — and shared many pictures of Winnie the Pooh (censored in China for being to used to mock president Xi Jinping) and Tiananmen Square. The posts quickly made it to the top of r/pics, one of the most popular subreddits on Reddit, with the highest Reddit upvotes. Reddit users posted threads and memes ridiculing the investment, arguing that Reddit would be challenging freedom of expression outside China. This one particular post recorded over 200,000 Reddit upvotes, easily one the highest Reddit upvotes ever recorded. This is especially impressive considering there were no evidence of upvote tempering (i.e. buy instant Reddit upvotes) on the post, suggesting that the hundreds of thousands of Reddit upvotes were in fact genuine.

Pro Investment Received Much Lower Reddit Upvotes

Not all Redditors are against the investment though. Some argue that Reddit has definitely gone from being the best website for comprehensive information sharing and lengthy debate over the past 5 years to being one of the most censored websites on the Internet, with many subs secretly (no notification or reason given when any content is removed) removing more than 40 percent of the content. Others argued that $150 million investment is not a controlling share in the company, which was valued at $3 billion post investment.

The 12th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention

Organiser:China Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association
date:September 24-26, 2013
location:Chengdu, China
Conference theme:“China’s Development • Chinese Business Opportunities”
Participants:3013 people, including 2,210 overseas representatives and 803 domestic representatives.


Opening ceremony guest speaker
Yan Yuanping (Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China) ( Previewing President Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter)
Xie Guomin (President of China Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association)
Liu Jinting (President of the Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce)
Wang Dongming (Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress)
Yu Zhengsheng (Chairman of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Chairman of the Chinese National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference)
forum topicSpeaker
China Economic ForumModerator: 
Ren Qiliang China deputy director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, 
            China Chamber of Commerce Investment Enterprises Association executive vice president 
Zhang Xiaoqiang,  deputy director of China’s National Development and Reform Commission 
Li Jinzao   Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Department 
criminal Yu Jing  中国人民银行Monetary Policy Committee Secretary-General 
Wei Hong  , Governor of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government 
Ge Honglin,  Mayor of Chengdu Municipal People’s Government
China Urbanization Strategy Development Opportunities ForumModerator: 
Hui Wing Mau, Chairman of Shimao Group Board of Directors 
Mochtar  Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lippo Group, 
Hui Wing Mau,  chairman of Shimao Group Chairman 
Liu Yonghao  New Hope Group chairman 
Zhang Zhanbin  Department of Economics, National School of Administration Director 
Wang Yu  and Jun, vice president of Consulting Group
Huashang Brand World Boutique 
East Asia Chinese Business Roundtable
Wang Li , vice minister of the International Liaison Department of China CCPIT 
Tiong  Chairman of Malaysia Evergreen Group Chairman 
Choi  Chairman of the Hong Kong Sun Wah Group 
Liu Zhongguo  Wuliangye Group Chairman 
Fu Guohua  Singapore Di-Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd, President 
Gong Daxing  East Xin source Holdings chairman 
Feng Chen  Philippines pinnacle of investment management Jituangongsi CEO 
Ai Xin  tee holding Group Chairman 
Deng Zhiji  Honorary Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, 
West Mu Tian Hongming Japan Hung trading Limited president 
Lee steel  president of the China Branch of CCPIT Sichuan 
Weng Ming according to  Vietnam Longjiang industry Chairman of the Park Development Co., Ltd. 
Chen Chunxiang  , Managing Director of Myanmar Kangguo Co., Ltd., Managing Director of 
Cai Rongzhuang  Taizhong Optical Cable Co., Ltd. 
Sun Jifei , Chairman of the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, 
Xu  Yuanzhong  , Chairman of the Board of Directors
Forum on Opportunities and Challenges for Overseas Chinese Talents to Start Business in ChinaModerator: 
Wang Yaohui Member of the Overseas Expert Advisory Committee of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, 
            and the Director of the China and Globalization Research Center 
: Mr. 
Gong Yi  , Member of the Overseas Expert Advisory Committee of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China 
            , and 
Duan Yanwen, Chairman of Jiangsu Jintong Group, Overseas Expert Consultation of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of  China Committee members, 
            Harbin pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Chi Hong 
Cai Wei,  the third installment of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office focused on entrepreneurial team leader, 
            Jin electric Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. chairman 
Wang Boqing  Michael Best, chairman, chief scientist 
Li Hill  private equity fund management company, founding partner Sanshan 
Li Chaoyang  Sichuan Fei Yang Technology Co., Ltd. president
Overseas Chinese Business New Image ForumModerator: 
Wang Hsiao-ping China Foreign Secretary of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office 
Tiong  Chairman of Malaysia Evergreen Group Chairman 
Dong is still true  Philippine Federation of Chinese Entrepreneurs honorary chairman 
Liu Yahuang  Macau Holdings Group Chairman nations 
Xu Songhua  Spain Chairman of China Association for Peaceful Unification 
Zhu Jinfeng  Honorary President of the Tanzania Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
Long Deng  Professor of the Humanities and Social Sciences Academy of Gaohua University, 
Wang Wenxiang  , President of Formosa Plastics Group, PPC Group, Inc., 
Cai Linhai  , General Manager of the Government Affairs and Market Strategy Department of Japan Hitachi Co., Ltd. 
Liu Zhiwei  , Dean of the Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences
Huashang Investment Rights Protection ForumModerator: 
Yu Xiao , Deputy Director, Department of Economics and Technology, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, State Council, China 

Peng Xuefeng, Member of the Standing Committee of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, 
Tian  Changjun  , Senior Advisor of the American Federal Express Group, 
Huang Jianzhong,  Judge of the Supreme People’s Court of China
Chinese Business and Chinese Culture ForumModerator: 
Jia Yimin President of Huaqiao University 
Hu Jun  and President of 
NTU Dai Guoxing Director of the Philippine Taishan Group Co., Ltd. and Director of the Organization Committee 
Zhuang  Qiang Feihua, the Honorary Chairman of the China Federation of Trade Unions  
Zhang Jinxiong  Chairman of the Jakarta Auspicious Mountain Foundation, Indonesia, 
Cai Yijiang,  Feihua Business Association Executive Director and Deputy Director of the Press Committee 
Chen  Benxian, Honorary Chairman of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce and 
Industry, Chen Yongchang,  Chairman of the Philippines, China Federation of Trade Unions, Forever Honorary Chairman
World Chinese Business Organization Development ForumModerator: 
Tu Haiming , vice president of the China Chamber of Commerce Investment Enterprises Association 
Xie Guomin  president of the China Chamber of Commerce Investment Enterprises Association 
Liu Jinting  Chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Thailand 
Thomas Chua  , president of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce 
Ian Fok  honorary president of China Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce 
Ji Huiqi  total Indonesia and China General Chamber of Commerce Chairman 
Shu heart  chairman Canada and China General Chamber of Commerce 
Chenrui Ping  Argentina Overseas Chinese Federation Chairman 
Zhang Jinlong  , president of the British Chamber of Commerce 
Wang Long water  president Africa and China General Chamber of Commerce 
Lin Huiyuan  Australia trade and cultural exchanges Association Chairman
Island Development ForumModerator: 
Wang Lei, China Tianjin TV presenter 
Jie cover (Cameroon) 
Liao Junqiao  Seychelles president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce 
Liu Shaohua  , senior vice president of Pine Valley Group, 
Zhu Gong Shan  GCL company chairman 
He Weiwen,  Vice-Chairman of the Global Alliance of SMEs 
Liao Li Wei,  the British Association of Certified Public Accountants 
SUN double West  Vice Chairman of the World Tourism Federation 
Guo Jiaming,  Director of Shenlong Film and Television Co., Ltd. 
Liao Jinhao  , Chairman of Zhongshan Shengsheng Lighting Plaza
Family business forumModerator: 
Zhu Chen Di International Association of Family Business District on behalf of the Asian branch of China 
Cao Weide  IMC chairman 
Fan Bohong  Chinese University of Hong Kong 
Shi theoretical  Oishi (China) Co., Ltd. Chairman 
Yan Kai  Tianjin Tasly Group Co., Ltd. President 
Yu Jiangbo  Sunbeam Group Vice President 
Chen Yongshao  Assistant to the President of International Yuanli Group
Youth Overseas Chinese Business ForumModerator: 
Zhao Yong President of Fuhua Group 
Xue Shui and  Chairman of Australia Huirong Group 
Chen Li  Vice Chairman of Shanghai Xinli Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Chairman 
of the  Board of Directors of Xinqiang Hou Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. 
Zheng Lianfa  Chairman of Zhonghongji Holdings Group 
Xie Junming Chairman of  Wuhan Asia Industrial Group 
Yang Xiaoliang  Chairman of the Board of Directors of 
Song Lian Yue Qiaoyuan Group 
Wang  Hao , Chairman of Shanghai Baoen  Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. 
Shuai Hongyuan  , President of Shanghai Ruihua (Group) Co., Ltd. 
Shen Qinhua,  Chairman of Hong Kong Likang Group, 
Huang Liyun,  Fujian investment Group Co., Ltd. was 
Liaozhi Ren  Shenzhen Overseas Chinese hospital chairman 
Chen Dandan  Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce founding president 
Sun Xi  Suzhou Kowloon hospital, chairman
Join hands with Chinese businessmen to 
promote the “going out” forum for private enterprises
Li Lu 
Wang Zhongming , Vice Chairman of the All- China Federation of Industry and Commerce Wang Xiaoming,Deputy Secretary-General of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce 
Wang Qinmin,  Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference 
Yang Wei  , Chairman of China Hong Kong Rising Sun Group Co., Ltd. 
Huo Jianguo  China International Trade and Economic Cooperation President of the Institute 
Zheng Yuewen  Kerui Group Chairman 
Liu Xiaolong  Chairman of Sichuan Hongda Group Chairman 
Zhou Haijiang  Chairman of the Board of Red Beans 
Liu Yonghao  Chairman of the Board of Directors 
Yin Mingshan  Lifan Group Chairman of the Board 
Nan Cunhui  Zhengtai Group 
Zhang Wei  Vice President of Beijing Lawyers Association
China Western Development 
China Business Success Xintiandi Forum
Li Houqiang Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Sichuan Province Party Secretary, Professor 
Zhong Mian  CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and executive vice governor of Sichuan Provincial Government 
Xie Guomin Chia Tai Group Chairman 
He Junming  Chairman of the Board of Directors Branch Holdings 
Mu Yankui  Vice Chairman of Yihai Kerry Group 
Zhang Zhongyu  Vice President of the American “Hundred People’s Association” 
Zeng Charter  Member of the American Hundred People’s Association 
Chen Wufu  Member of the American Hundred People’s Association 
Mao Zhixiong  Assistant to the Mayor of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China 
Sheng Yi,  Vice President of the Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, 
Fu Qingyi,  Sichuan, China Deputy Mayor of Meishan Municipal Government
2013 Global Service Outsourcing Innovation SummitModerator: 
Zhang Yunfei Director of China National Service Outsourcing Examination Management Center 
Guest Speaker: Qi 
Haitao  Tianjin Dingsheng Outsourcing Service Co., Ltd. 
Sha Qi  Dingwei Deputy Director of Service Outsourcing Research Institute 
Lu Bing  Hitachi Consulting Vice President and Chief Operating Officer 
Shi Feng  IBM Global Information Technology Service General Manager, Greater China Strategy and Marketing Department 
Luo Xiang,  Assistant Representative for Special Affairs, United Nations Industrial Development Organization China Investment Promotion Office 
Shao Wei  , Consulting Director, KPMG Corporate Consulting (China) Co., Ltd. 
Former Chuan Chuan  Jian Jian, China / Former Japanese CEO 
Hu Pengling  Dean Ken resistance Kesa Institute 
Sakamoto Kenji West  , Inc. U-CAN Senior executive Officer 
Wang Rui  China national Institute of human resource outsourcing, China outsourcing school-enterprise Union Secretariat executive Director
Chinese Business and Social Philanthropy ForumModerator: 
Dong Qian China Central Television host 
Cao Dewang  Chairman of China Fuyao Group Chairman 
Yu Pei-di  Chairman of the Board of Directors city conglomerate 
Linda Wang  Chairman of Yihai Property Group Chairman 
Zhao Tao  step Pharmaceutical Group president
Chinese Business Enterprise Transnational Development Sub-forumModerator: 
Zeng Jing Yi Phoenix TV host 
Chen Jingwei  Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, 
Philip S. Lee  Canada Manitoba Provincial Governor 
Peter Wong Man Kong  fortitude (Group) Co., Ltd. Chairman 
Zhai Pu  JP Morgan Chase, general manager of China, 
Ng  Ernst & Young big Chairman of the Board of Directors of China, 
He Junming,  Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kechuang Holding Group, 
Yinsun , President of Jiangxi Zhengzheng Group, Lin Xuefei  , President of Dagong Network
Huashang Global Development ForumKeynote speaker: 
Feng Ming,  Executive General Manager of Daily Economic News, 
Liu Xiaolong,  member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, 
Cai Guanshen  , member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and the Honorary President of the Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, 
Yu Bin  , Honorary Advisor of the President of the Thai Parliament, 
Peng Gang  , Vice Chairman of the Development Economics Branch of the China Institute of Foreign Economics president of 
Momentum  Star international (Thailand) Co., Ltd. chairman 

Huo Weidong , Dean of economic information Engineering, Southwest University of Finance 
Momentum  Star international (Thailand) Co., Ltd. chairman 
Yin Huaibo  Jinguang Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. president 
Choi Pan is  Huamao Heng investment Group president 
Wubateer  rotating presidency of the World Federation of Chinese Entrepreneurs 
Yang Shu Min  general direction of the General Manager of culture media Co., Ltd.
Closing guest speech
Wang Qinmin, Vice Chairman of China National Committee of the 
             Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Chairman of the All – China Federation of Industry and Commerce
Qi Yuanping, Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China
Huang Xinchu, Member of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Chengdu Municipal Committee
Cai Qisheng President of Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce
Ji Huiqi, Chairman of the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce